Sunday, January 18, 2009

Master Cleanser- Day 4

Today the new tea worked out really good. I was able to sleep like a baby, and my energy level are excellent Other than the fact that I miss the taste of solid food, the diet is great. I must admit I keep thinking about food one thing in specific, Fried Rice (yummy). If I take my lemonade before I get hungry, it is way easier to look and smell food. I really feel that I'm working towards a healthier, leaner, detoxified body. I have so much energy now. I am not weak at all. I just can't get over how well I feel for not having eaten any food in four consecutive days. I had a total 5 eliminations today. I experienced a lot of cramping. I decide not to take the laxative tonight and just take a tea in the morning. I do not know how much weight I have lost, but I know I'm loosing fat. Feeling great and ready for 11 more days.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Master Cleanser- Day 3

Today I woke up a little later than usual. That was a big mistake. I realized that this is an early raiser diet. It takes a lot of time to do the Salt Water Flush. This is definitely the worst part of the diet. I did not want to do the morning laxative today. I was able to keep the salt water on my stomach, and as the book describe it, the water goes from your stomach, thru your colon and out. It took an hour for the whole process to be completed and for me to be able to take my first glass of lemonade in the morning. Also, I went to a local Chinese herb store and got some new tea. I will try the tea tonight and tomorrow during the day. I will let you know how that goes. Today contrary to the past two day, I felt hungry. I took a total of 5 glasses of lemonade. I noticed that when you take the salt water in the morning you have less eliminations throwout the day, which is great. I went to bed felling a little hungry. Also, food smell better than usual. I have not had a problem with been around food, or around people that are eating. This is it for day 3. Please feel free to leave any comment of question you might have.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Master Cleanser- Day 2

Day 2- I did the laxative the previous night and in the morning. I will do it again tonight but not in the morning. I will try to do the salt water flush instead. I had a total of 5 eliminations today, also a lot of cramping and discomfort. I think I will slow down in the amount of laxative I do. Today at work I really felt like the guy played by Ben Stiller in the movie "Along Came Polly "(the bathroom scene), it was horrible. Other than that, the day was fine. The worst part of the day was cooking dinner for my mom, who is visiting me from Seattle. She will be here for a whole week, that means that there is more cooking on the way. :( Well!! I also had a light headache before going to bed. I drank a total of 8 lemonades and 5 cups of water. Another thing, I do prepare my lemonade fresh every time I drink it. Ohhh, almost forget I have something else to share, maybe is one of those part you don't want to read. In the book it talks how you will feel a burning sensation as you eliminate the toxins from your body. Ok, let me tell you something, my ass was on fire. I hate it. I reduced the amount of Cayenne Pepper to make it slowed down a bit. So far I'm doing good. I weighted my self before I started the diet and I will weight myself again at the end of it. I will also have some before and after picture to share with you guys. Please feel free to leave any comment of question you might have.

Master Cleanser- Day 1

Here is the picture of all the items, I will need for the next two weeks.

I have decided to start The Master Cleanser diet. The master Cleanser is a mono liquid diet that will cleanse your body of toxins, you'll loose some weight in the process which is a great motivator for me. You can not eat or drink anything but the lemonade mixture while on the diet. The lemonade mixture consist of the following:
2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
10 oz of filtered water
I have decided to blog my experience to share some information with people that will like to try the diet. Also, it will make my commitment public and help me stick to the diet.

DAY 1- My first day in the diet. It wast'n as hard as I thought it was going to be. I drank a total of 7 glasses of the lemonade and 6 glasses of water. The previous night I did the laxative tea. I had a total of two eliminations during the day. The the salt water flush in the morning was rough. I drank the 1 qt of filtered water with 2 tbsp of salt bottoms up and I threw it all up.I was not able to do it. I will try it again in day 3. I'll let you know how it goes.I felt a little hungry and a little tired, but pretty normal other than that. As far as getting hungry, not really. I was able to do grocery shopping for my mom at night without any major suffering.

Friday, February 1, 2008

My first Blog!

I'm very excited to start this new adventure in blogging. I just learned what this is all about. I will use this blog as my journal. This will be a way to share myself with others. To be THANKFUL for my wonderful life. I will use this blog to help others ( I have not figure out this one, but it will happen :) ).
This blog will help me keep conscious track of my decisions and courageously follow through on them by making my promises public.
This blog is my declaration to take a 100% responsibility for my health, career, FINANCES, emotions, habits, and my very own spirituality. The goal is to help myself achieve outstanding effectiveness in my life.
I will also have a sections for books review (I LOVE READING).
I will share about my Plant Nursery Business ( J & A Plants, Inc.) and my last project which is to form a non-profit organization. Very Exciting stuff!